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My IDS program is Sports Medicine.  Sports Medicine is an umbrella term that encompasses multiple occupations and fields of study such as kinesiology, exercise physiology, sports nutrition, strength and condition

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ing and athletic training.  My focus in creating this program was encompassing the pre-requisites for a master’s degree in athletic training.  The supplemental classes I chose for my program helped to create a rounded base of knowledge to draw

from in my graduate education.  As a fifth years senior with two associates degrees and tons of credits under my belt already, creating a cohesive degree in the IDS program was my best course of action to move onto the next step.

Here’s the link to my Sports Medicine Program Statement:

My applied project started off with this grand idea of tracking a fitness journey with measurable data such as weight and body fat percentages.  But, plot

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twist, there is this thing call and IRB application (Institutional Review Board) that totally messed up that idea for me.  The application was about 10 pages of questions that had to be answered in scientific and professional language along with literature searches and supplemental seven to eight-page informed consent forms to be signed by the participants.  Consider my project was only going to include myself and my best friend I decided to put that idea to bed and come up with another project idea.  From the ashes of my first idea rose an even better idea: an Instagram account showing what it’s like to be an active

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college student.  Although I didn’t spend as much time in the gym this semester as I hoped I would, I did spend a lot of time perfecting my eating habits and trying new meal prep recipes.  I also followed some of my friends’ fitness journeys and featured some of their pictures and videos.  I think this project can help other college students realize how important it is to take charge of their health when they have the change.  Health is wealth and exercise is the best medicine!

Here’s the link to my blog post with more information about my applied project:

Follow this link to check out my Instagram that served as the platform for my applied project:

My research article was one of the most interesting pieces I’ve written in my undergrad education.  I wanted to choose a topic I was interested in, to make writing a 10-page paper less of a monumental task.  I knew I wanted to write about concussions, but it wasn’t until I found out that the documentary “League of Denial” was on the library streaming website for free that I decided I would peek into the concussion crisis in relation to the NFL.  Concussions

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have always been the most interesting facet of the athletic training world for me, since the brain is the least understood but most important organ in the body.  Recognition, diagnosis and treatment of sports related concussions falls onto the athletic training/sports medicine staff.  I am very passionate about sports, especially football, the concussion crisis and the NFL cover up are real and it’s hard to realize that as a football fan.

Read my full research article here:

Being an IDS major has helped me to realize that I’ve always been interested in an interdisciplinary approach to education.  Having my bachelor’s degree in IDS will certainly open doors for me in the future that others may not have the opportunity for.  My applied project, research article and program courses have prepared me for my immediate future as in intern with Complete Athlete, LLC and for my graduate education that will begin in the Fall of 2018.  The IDS

Image by: Madisen Giordano

program has reminded me to always look at problems from different view-points.  Problems of the world are multi-faceted, as will problems in my field of study.  IDS has put the idea of using information across disciplines to reason and solve a multitude of problems with ease.

I want to take a moment to thank the IDS department, Bonnie Toomey and Dr. Robin DeRosa for having the best support system at Plymouth State and one of the best programs in New England for transfer and non-traditional students.  You all have made finishing my bachelor’s degree an attainable feat and I will always appreciate all the help and support provided.

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  1. Madisen, the pleasure’s all mine! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and follow and learn from your work. All the best as you head into Sports Medicine and all your wonderful endeavors! Congratulations!!

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