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Let’s take a moment of silence for all the concussions that either went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed in the past year.  If I were to research that number, I might make myself sick.  As a future sports medicine professional, the concussion crisis scares the living day lights out of me; as it should scare all of you.  Concussions are no joke, they are serious and can be life threatening.  Their short term and long term effects

“The Sack”
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can have detrimental repercussions over the life span of a person.  In my research article I will be


taking a look at several different previously researched topics, including: causes and effects of concussions, long term effects, second concussion syndrome, CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), concussion protocols in the NFL, diagnosis/treatment of concussions, prevention, and at risk populations.  I am also hoping to take a look at how professional athletes weigh out the risks and benefits of playing contact sports for a living.  Listen to one of my favorite TEDTalks here:

This topic is an area of passion for me.  As a future athletic trainer, diagnosis and treatment of concussions will be an enormous part of my job description.

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Not only that, looking into the future of my academic career I hope to pursue a PhD in Sports Medicine and I am already planning my doctoral dissertation to be connected to concussions.  In the sports world we have moved past ‘concussions are bad’ and we are currently looking at a crisis where protocols are not being taken seriously, specifically in the NFL.  I am hoping that this research article will shed some light on how bad this crisis really is and some ways we can hope to slow down its progress.

Over the course of the next month, every week I will be using library data bases to locate research articles on concussions.  In addition to that I will also search the internet for TEDTalks and professional media about the concussion crisis.  After all my data is gathered, I will schedule interviews with anywhere from two to five students of the university that have suffered from a multitude of concussions and how that has affected their day to day life, and what their worries for the future are.  After working in these interviews I may schedule some time to talk to some certified athletic trainers here at the university to gauge their theories on concussion recognition, diagnosis protocols, and treatment procedures.  With all of this media and data gathered the remaining time in the semester will be spent writing and organizing my article to my likeness.


College Girl Healthy Lifestyle Instagram

In the midst of an IRB debacle, the idea of a blog (Instagram page) with exercise videos, form comparison videos, pictures of food, recipes, etc. on my favorite topic of fitness flourished.  What easier way to get my point across (the point being an active healthy lifestyle is the best medicine and the best prevention) than literally put it all out there.  The idea is to post on my platform one to three times a week just purely about the active lifestyle I live and how easy it really is, even as a dedicated college student.

CCBY: Madisen Giordano

This project is important because the majority of college students don’t actually know what it means to be healthy; some might not even see why working out regularly and eating healthy is good for you.  This project is going to help bridge the gap between wanting to get into a healthy lifestyle and actually doing it.  Its not about how much I can squat or how many calories I eat throughout the day, there’s no counting or starving or any of that jazz.  I simply want to put my lifestyle on display and sort of explain why building the foundation for a healthy life should start much before we are of college age.  I am hoping that this Instagram page will be seen by more than Plymouth State students.  I hope that it will give that little extra push to people that are trying to change their lifestyle.  Living an active and healthy life will bring more than just health benefits, it will also bring happiness, and decreases feelings of anxiety and depression, which is what keeps me going every day.


CCBY: Madisen Giordano

The deliverable portion of my project will be my Instagram page.  Here’s the link to my Instagram Fitness, food and staying healthy are some of my absolute passions and I love that I have the opportunity to share that with the world.  

While changing things after I’ve already got my mind set isn’t my favorite thing in the world, I think this project has the potential to portray the message I am trying to send a lot clearer.  The importance of living a healthy lifestyle cannot be said enough, there are many components of a healthy lifestyle, but once you make the change, you’ll never want to go back.





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  1. Madisen, this looks succinct and focused. Concussion education is finally getting the look it deserves. It’ll be interesting to learn what your insight is. Your journey of friendship to tangibly engage those who want to but might need a step by step hand into getting started and committing to a more healthful approach based on quantitative/qualitative data is exciting. Will you look into the psychology or other factors behind what prevents/encourages us to resist/enlist in sustaining such a lifestyle? Looking forward to seeing the results of the research and the project. Health IS wealth!

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