Picture this: after five years of undergraduate schooling, you finally have the chance to APPLY everything you’re interested in to a project of YOUR DESIGN….wait hold on; this is in fact real life.  As a senior in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program, I am staring that opportunity down with a collected idea and a plan of action.  Along with the ‘applied project,’ there is another aspect to this capstone class in the form of a ‘research article,’ on whatever peaks your personal interest.  For this I also have a developed idea and look forward to immersing myself in research.

My applied project is focused on building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and how easy it can be no matter how busy someone may be.  Essential my best friend and I will be embarking on a fitness journey.  While I am very familiar with going to the gym between personal experience and my academic studies, my gym partner is not.  Along the way I w

Lift CCBY: Marino González

ill be showing her different workout routines, proper form for various resistance training exercises, and help her to develop a sense of confidence in her abilities.

Together we will be grocery shopping and meal planning/prepping and going to the gym.  After spring break our goal is to start training for a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder that we plan to compete in post-graduation.  I hope to have some deliverable data, body weight and fat percentage decreases, stamina and endurance increases, and achieve the personal aesthetic goals we have for ourselves.

For my research article, I plan on taking a closer look at concussions.

Brain CCBY: Adam Okoye

The concussion crisis is currently at the forefront of the sports medicine field.  Over the past decade research on concussions and their effects has grown exponentially and being a future athletic trainer, a lot of my interest lies in concussion prevention, diagnosis and treatment.  Having the opportunity to do a self-directed research paper is really incredible.

I have incredible gratitude for the absence of topic assignments, sign-up lists and generic project parameters.  The Interdisciplinary Studies Program has a strong philosophy of student centered learning and every assignment I have within these classes reminds me of that.  I love having the opportunity to research topics and do projects I am passionate about.  It feels less like school work and more what my career will be focused around.

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2 Replies to “Opportunity”

  1. The idea of a fitness journey is something that is so relatable to the general public. I think it would be interesting for others to read about the journey you and your friend will be taking so that they have the opportunity to learn just how easy it is to make worthwhile lifestyle changes. Also, I think it is great that you are exploring the concussion crisis for your RA. Some people don’t understand how detrimental concussions can actually be. This is a perfect topic to raise more awareness for this topic.

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