Graduate School Personal Statement

My passion for athletics developed long before I decided I was going to go to college for athletic training.  For most of my life I have been an athlete, specializing in field hockey for over ten years.  As a former athlete, I fully understand the commitment and passion an athletic trainer must possess to be successful.  As a former coach, I fully understand the role an athletic trainer plays in the dynamics of a team.  As a future athletic trainer, I hope to bring my knowledge of all aspects of sport to prevent and treat injuries and advocate for athletes to the best of my abilities.

Athletic training was my first choice of a major before I enrolled at Plymouth State University in the fall of 2012.  After transferring to a different institution for the fall of 2013 and changing my major many times, I was not sure what my direction would be. In the spring of 2016, I completed two associates’ degrees and decided to take a year off to figure out what path I wanted to pursue.  With careful thought and much research, my decision landed me right back to where I started my education.  The professional athletic training program here at Plymouth State caught my eye while researching graduate school programs.  After learning a little bit more about this program I whole-heartedly decided I was going to pursue it.

Returning to Plymouth State this fall gave me an opportunity to complete the prerequisites courses for the professional athletic training program and receive a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies.  My focus is in Sports Medicine, an umbrella term that encompasses many disciplines and professions including athletic training, physical education, and health education: the main disciplines of my coursework.  The courses I am enrolled in this year are helping to develop a well-rounded base of education and knowledge that I will be able to draw from during my time in graduate school.

I want to be an athletic trainer most simply because I want to help athletes perform to the best of their abilities.  One of my main passions is to advocate for not only the physical health of athletes but also their mental health, which is equally as important but many times forgotten.  I have a particular interest in the reduction of overuse injuries and prevention, recognition, diagnosis and treatment of concussions.  Being an athletic trainer has been my dream since I was sixteen years old.  Now as an almost twenty-four year old, I know that I have chosen the right path for my passion to flourish.

As an athletic trainer I hope to work in collegiate sports (possibly beyond) and make a difference in the way athletes’ mental health is approached and assessed.  I hope to be affiliated with the NATA and the EATA hopefully someday becoming an officer in one of these associations.  My qualities as a dedicated student will translate into dedication to athletic training practices.  The passion I have will continue to burn the more knowledge I gain throughout the rest of my education.

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