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Here’s the link to my Instagram account that served as the platform for my Senior Seminar Applied Project:

Image By: Madisen Giordano

My semester long project turned out to be one of the most difficult projects I’ve been able to pull off in my five years of undergraduate education.  My original idea for this project was to create a semester long fitness/wellness journey with my best friend Kayleigh.  Once I started uncovering more details about the IRB (Institutional Review Board) process I realize that process was

going to be way too in depth for such a small-scale sample of work.  In about March I decided it would be in my best interest to start a different project.  While I’m not super comfortable with a large change like this in a project that I spent so much time to design, I overcame the adversity and came up with a different project.

Sticking with the fitness and wellness idea of my original project I decided I would put my knowledge on display on social media.  In all honestly, it did not turn out the way I wanted it to because I wasn’t able to adhere to a gym/workout routine.  This was partly due to my disdain for the fitness facilities here at PSU and also in part to my schedule.  Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than an over crowded gym, and that is exactly the situation here at PSU.  The times I would be free to hit the gym it would be absolutely packed, and I cannot flourish in that sort of environment.

In combination with small home workouts and strict diet modifications I was able to reduce my body weight slightly this semester.  Food is fuel and when you feed your body whole, nutritious foods, it responds in a positive way (more

Image By: Madisen Giordano

energy!!!)  I also underwent fitness testing as well as body composition processes.  I was placed in an overall fitness category of good or average for my age group.  Some of the tests I did was a 1RM (one repetition maximum) back squat and bench press, muscular endurance tests (ACSM push-up, curl-up, wall sit and v-sit) and a VO2 max test.  It was an interesting experience and I really enjoyed it!

My IDS program is Sports Medicine, this project related to my field in many ways.  I have studied nutrition and exercise science extensively, giving me a wealth of knowledge to help other individuals on their fitness and wellness journeys.  Over the summer, I will begin studying for my CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) while working at Complete Athlete, LLC in Derry, NH.  The classes I took this semester and this project have helped to develop a stronger sense of confidence in my knowledge.

Some big take-aways from my Instagram page are:

  • The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week to attain health benefits such as reductions in resting heart rate, LDL cholesterol, body fat and blood pressure as well as increases in HDL cholesterol, improved cardiovascular capacity and function and increases in overall health
  • Health is wealth and exercise is the best medicine!
  • Meal prepping is super easy and can be fun, keeping things fresh and interesting and finding new recipes to try is how I keep myself from getting bored

I hope that this Instagram will help college students kick-start their health by seeing how easy it is to do so.  Over the summer I hope to add more content to my Instagram page, considering I will have time to be at a gym that I love and feel comfortable in and because I will be working directly with high school athletes in a strength and conditioning setting.

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  1. Wow, Madisen, looks like your trouble-shooting, early on, the IRB glitch really paid off! I enjoyed watching you develop this project. All the best as you continue doing this work to help others who want to better understand fitness and what it means to our health and wellbeing! Congrats!

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